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North Sulawesi Tour

North Sulawesi Map

North Sulawesi Map

North Sulawesi has an abundance and variety of accommodation and facilities available to meet the needs of travelers from backpackers and budget class to four-star resorts. The natural wonders of North Sulawesi make it well suited to both organized and adventure travel. The full spectrum of scuba diving activities is available in North Sulawesi.

Ornate Ghost

Ornate Ghost

The diving ranges from the Magnificent coral gardens of Bunaken Marine Park and Bangka Strait to the walls of fishes and underwater volcanoes of the Sangihe Islands to the unusual and rarely seen critters of Lembeh Strait.

Land based activities focus on rain forest hiking in Tangkoko Nature Reserve (home to the largest concentration of black crested macaques and the world’s smallest primate, the tarsier) and Dumoga Bone National Park (home to the fabled babi rusa/pig deer), along with viewing scenic waterfalls, volcano climbing and river rafting and even golf.

Exploring the Tomohon/Tondano highlands area, rice paddies, coconut plantations and flower gardens rounds out the activities

Anemonre Clownfish

Anemone Fish

Bunaken Sunset

Bunaken Sunset

Our Tour Packages:

Minahasa Highland Tour
(01 Day) (MH-M1D 001)

Tangkoko Nature Reserve Tour
(01 Day) (MH-T1D 002)

Minahasa Highland & Volcano Hiking
(01 Day) (MH-MV1D 003)

Waterfall Adventure Tour
(01 Day) (MH-W1D 004)

White Water River Rafting
(01 Day) (MH-W1D 005)

Iloilo Jungle Trekking
(01 Day) (MH-I1D 006)

Tangkoko & Minahasa Highland Tour
(02 Days/01 Night) (MH-M2D 008)

Minahasa Highland & Volcano Hiking
(02 Days/01 Night) (MH-MV2D 009)

Iloilo Jungle Trekking Tour
(02 Days/01Night) (MH-I2D 010)

Minahasa Highland – Tangkoko Tour
(05 Days/04 Nights) (MH-NS 001)

Minahasa Highland – Tangkoko Tour
(06 Days/05 Nights) (MH-NS 002)

Bunaken – Minahasa – Tangkoko Tour
(07 Days/06 Nights) (MH-NS 005)

Bunaken Fantasy Tour A
(04 Days/03 Nights) (MH-NS 014)

Bunaken Fantasy Tour B
(04 Days/03 Nights) (MH-NS 015)

Manado – Bunaken – Minahasa Highland
(04 Days/03 Nights) (MH-NS 016)

Manado – Bunaken – Minahasa Highland – Tangkoko Nature Reserve
(04 Days/03 Nights) (MH-NS 017)

North Sulawesi Adventure Tour Package
(10 Days/09 Nights) (MH-NS 080)

North Sulawesi Islands to Highlands Tour
(12 Days/11 Nights) (MH-NS 097)

North Sulawesi Boat Trip
(10 Days/09 Nights) (MH-NS 101)

Bird Watching in Tangkoko Nature Reserve
(04 Days/03 Nights) (MH-BWNS 102)

North Sulawesi Tour Adventure
(18 Days/17 Nights) (MH-NS 108)

For more collection of our tours or want to customize your tour, please send us an email



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