Ecotourism Project

Our Philosophy:

Matahatikita Tours appreciates and treasures the wide range of natural and cultural heritage Indonesia has to offer. Therefore, we favor and strongly advocate eco-friendly tourism in order to protect and preserve our magnificent cultural and natural environment.

Ecotourism Project

Ecotourism Project

Matahatikita Tours embraces an interactive approach to ecotourism as we actively support, and engage with our surroundings

 Put Our Philosophy into Practice:

Some of the surpluses obtained through our tour services will be used for supporting local communities. While on tour with you, we will convert a considerable amount of the remaining funds into goods which then can be directly contributed to the local people by you. Accordingly, this form of immediate interaction gives the local community the opportunity to meet and communicate face to face with you, the donator. Furthermore, it allows you to gain primary and firsthand insight of how our surpluses are utilized

Ecotourism Project

Ecotourism Project

Donations Include:

  • Reading and writing material for school children such as pens, pencils, notebooks, diaries, books, calculators etc., or other items which are needed
  • Support of poor, old and handicapped people who cannot sufficiently meet their own needs. In this case we will decide on the spot what kind of donation is most appropriate in order to perfectly evaluate what is at stake for the people in the particular community
  • Food supplies for people in economically disadvantaged areas, political conflict areas, and regions which have been affected by natural disasters
  • Money contributions to churches and mosques
Ecotourism Project

Ecotourism Project

Apart from donations Matahatikita Tours believes in the importance of mutual appreciation and acknowledgment of diverse skills and competences. Therefore, we encourage you to share your knowledge about the importance of nature preservation and conversation with the local community. In return, we invite the local community to share their traditional knowledge and skills about their environment

Ecotourism Project

Ecotourism Project

Things To Do:

  • We will contribute to the reforestation of the Indonesian forest by planting tropical plants into National Parks, Nature Reserves, riversides etc. Plants will be obtained from the local conservationist association. Thereby you will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the reforestation of our forest, engage directly with locals who volunteer to assist in the planting, pass on your personal knowledge and gain insight into local expertise
  • We will also encourage the local community to introduce you to essential practical tasks of their daily life such as simple fishing skills and basic hunting techniques

Our Objectives:

Ecotourism Project

Ecotourism Project

Matahatikita Tours endeavors to support local communities economically, preserve and conserve cultural and natural heritage, and give you and the local community the opportunity of mutual sensitivity, empathy, and understanding.

We welcome any suggestions and are happy to accommodate our concept to your wishes and needs as long as these stay within our philosophy of eco-friendly tourism


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