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Welcome to North Sulawesi – Indonesia

Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia and it has estimated to have been resided since XVI century and was called Wenang, later in 1623 the name was changes into Manado. Geographical location and position of North Sulawesi is in most northern region of the country and directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean

The people of North Sulawesi can be classified into four groups: Minahasa, Bolaang Mongondow, Gorontalo (now become the province of Gorontalo), SITARO (Siau, Tagulandang and Biaro) and Sangihe Talaud. A majority of the population belong to the Minahasan people with a language much like Philiphine. The Minahasan historically and culturally has strong ties to the Philippines due to its geographical location which allow movement of people and languages, their dialects are related to that filipino languages. There is also a large group of Chinese in the city. The entire city was wiped out during an earth quake in 1844 and was built up from scratch by the Dutch, after this it was known as one of the prettiest town in all of South East Asia. This is maybe not true today but Manado si still nice and clean and the population here have some of the highest living standard in Indonesia.

Portuguese trader were the first Western to come in contact with the people of North Sulawesi in 16th century, notably the Minahasans were very welcoming to the western, especially  the Dutch whom they ask during the mid- 17th century to expelled the Spaniards out of North Sulawesi. From the beginning of the Dutch occupation in 1679 until the independence of Indonesia in1945, the Dutch monopolized the spice trade and governed North Sulawesi.

North Sulawesi is a land of magnificent coral reefs protecting, mountains and active volcanoes, reminding the islanders and the world of the potential power of one of the earth’s most awesome forces. It is a land of vast coconut plantations fringed along the coastline, which is why the area is also known as Bumi Nyiur Melambai (The Land of Waving Coconut Palms)

Manado has no large attractions by itself, expect for an interesting museum and an old Buddhist temple from the 19th century, the oldest of it’s kind in eastern Indonesia. A colorful festival is held here every February. The cities are also full of monuments in memory of Minahasian and Indonesian heroes. Manado is a great starting point for expeditions to the beautiful landscape in this region and has several good facilities for visitors, like hotels, resort accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. This part of Indonesia is famous for it’s brilliant diving conditions and divers from all over the world come here. The most famous spot is the coral reefs around Bunaken Island, a marine reserve consist of Manado Tua Island, a volcano that can be seen from Manado, Nain Island, Mantehage Island, Siladen Island and Bunaken Island. Another attraction is the lovely Tondano Lake (altitude 600m), south east of the city.  This is very popular area for hiking and Sunday picnics among the local population.


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